Be Love

Be Love / 2017 Acrylic and oil paint on rough white cotton fine art paper. The black “Be Love” type is overlaid using a Vandercook press. Size: 14″x 14″ Inspired by details from 12′ x 8′ WriteToMin canvas. Every piece is hand painted and unique. Shop One of a Kind

Bump Across America

Bump Across America / 2016           She’s a bright guiding light. Our purpose. Our helium balloon.           In January 2016 we drove 3000 miles across America. We were 28 weeks pregnant and needed to get to our home in Brooklyn with enough time to settle and make preparations Continue Reading »

100 days celebration

100 days celebration / 2016 Fine art archival print Size: 16″x 10″ – It’s unusual for a Korean person to not have a *Baek-il celebration portrait as a baby dressed in a Han-bok (Korean traditional costume) surrounded by lots of colourful dishes. At 5 years-old, I remember searching for my Baek-il picture and was deeply hurt to Continue Reading »


What does BE PRESENT HERE look like? An on-going experiment to capture & share where our minds choose to look…what we could see & what we choose not to… 81 years of looking, we are so f*ng relieved to say – it feels like we are learning to see – we’re the same people today but we are different – less fearful – Continue Reading »