Being & Saying & Doing & sharing & failing & learning & loving with gratitude


Our best work happens here, being in and of the moment which means unlearning bad habits by letting go and being open to the potential of everything…


We are husband and wife who experiment with art and content for the sake of living moments together doing what we are designed to do. We are attracted to the opposites in each other and try to have fun with both ways of looking. Learning to pass the pen, brush, mouse, camera, or whatever the tool of fancy and be partners who trust in us. We share so we can find others to learn from or help and challenge what we think we know.


Born in Korea and England we have been racing around the world in pursuit of our creative voice. We have worked and lived in seven countries, held creative roles at the worlds most creative agencies making famous campaigns for global brands and influencers of popular culture.


Our approach to storytelling speaks crosses the divide of language and has repositioned and relaunched brands like Nike, Heineken, Electronic Arts, Guinness, Singapore Airlines, Conrad Hotel, Outward Bound, Vaseline, The Economist, Audi, BMW, Fiat, Cirque Du Soleil, Adidas, IBM, Vitamin Water and many more to establish a style of work that has helped redefine categories and set bars for creative excellence in the ad industry on a global scale.


Our training curates from architecture to advertising, film production, directing, photography, sculpture, interior design, graphic design, meditation, furniture making, picture framing, metal fabrication, woodworking, rock climbing, travel, fishing, dog-loving, fashion, yoga teaching, a palate for fusing natural materials, texture, color with meaning and a penchant for the culinary arts. Through this hodge-podge of disciplines and passions we have developed a sixth sense for stupid simple visuals and cut through emotive storytelling.


We’ve collectively worked in art director/writer based creative director roles for over 30 years and that practice has grown our confidence, toughened our skin and trained a hardworking ethic. The work created during that time has been recognized by every international award show on the planet.

We are eternally thankful for these years of opportunity and moulding but our wanderlust will not be satisfied until we have stood alone absent of other points of view that can confine and sometimes suffocate the possibility to venture further, deeper into the what ifs and the unexplored.

When we separate ourself from the constant noise and listen we gain focus and perspective that’s uniquely ours – (mostly). This approach defines boundaries, nudges us closer to simplicity and sheds unwanted necessities and pressures. We work hard to practice doing what we love so it feels less like work – here, is we are the best creative guides, in business and pleasure. It’s been a humbling journey and sometimes it feels like we have tapped the elixir of life – so we keep going…

We are Craig Andrew Smith & Min Ko and we run a mixed discipline studio based in Brooklyn NY. We live with our baby girl Scout Hana and dogs Nigel & Norma.

“Our creative practice connects being to co-existing naturally. Deciphering the best fit with the order of things. We embrace failure to move through faster grateful of lessons guiding back in the direction of inhibition preserving beautiful and inching ever closer to simple.”








A grass roots, born and bred wild child from Gangnam (Yes, "Gangnam style") , Seoul. That's South (Not North) Korea. Min ran away from Korea ( long story, *rolling her eyes*) and her life to follow her curious instincts. She lived and worked in Sydney, Singapore, now Brooklyn, New York. Being a foreigner feeds Min's curiosity ,it has also trained her to view the world slightly askew at full steam ahead. She lives in Brooklyn with Norma&Nigel&Smith.

A chip off the block Sheffield lad. That's North England, South Yorkshire, Sheffield Steel, Fine Silverware, Joe Scarborough, Human League, Gordon Banks, Sean Bean, Joe Cocker, Eddie Izzard, Michael Palin, Derek Dooley, Naseem Hamed, Arctic Monkeys, Yorkshirepudding, fish'n'chips? Take 20 years of that and add 14 years in Hong Kong and Singapore and six years in the USA. He's currently based in Brooklyn, NY. He is a tiring bundle of creative energy who still believes he can make the world a better place.


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