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We all are born the same.

Yet not the two people are the same.

We are defined not with what we have or what we have been given.

But what we do with what we have been given.

And every now and then, life pauses for a moment to remind us before allowing us into the next stage of its wonderful gifts.

It reminds us of the power we have been given, and hopes that we realize it. It pushes our hunger to learn more and think hard and see things in our own unique way.

What have you learnt? What have you done with what you have leant? Are you ready to learn even more?

But life in all its generosity will move you on and shower you with affectionate years; regardless of your answers. Until the next time; when it will ask you the same questions. It is for you to realize that with every such stage, life is not asking you for progress report. All it is doing is reminding you of the power only you have been given.To learn, understand, create and make a difference to you and the people around you. A difference that comes from the information you gather, the knowledge you gain, the wisdom you earn…and above all, a strong belief that you can make that difference.


That there is no one else like you and there never will be. This is your life: every stage of it. And it will only be what you make it to be.








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