Street dogs and art walking

We live in Brooklyn. So walks became art walks among landscapes of paved pastures & forests of buildings. This urban habitat is the salvaged canvas for artists’ finding their marques to which us street dogs are drawn.


Music from Kid Loco, from O.S.T Graffiti artist

smith&ko7writetomin smith&ko6 smith&ko5Smithandko3Smithandko2 smith&ko4 smith&ko3 smith&ko2smithandko smith&ko1smith&Kosmithandko smith&Ko2smithKo smith&ko3smithandko4 smith&ko4 smith&ko5 smith&ko6 smith&ko7 smithandko8smithandko_p2 smithandko_p3 smithandko_p6 smithandko_p7smithandko_p1 smithandko_p9 Smithandko_W3 Smithandko_W6 smithandko_n3 smithandko_n1





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