Broken branches from Apple tree and Bamboo taken from our back yard and used to decorate our home. We didn’t expect their beauty to survive long indoors, and why throw them away while fresh so we put a few drops of plant food into some cool glass vessels. Months passed and they began take root Continue Reading »


Enjoy it while it lasts… Only this shadow at this moment of its growth in a participate elevation of sunshine at this day in time will never ever be this perfect…                  




I find these moments very intriguing and original. Makes me think more about how some of the most random things go together. So here is: Dried herbs, wooden panels, vintage bells and masking tapes.                    

Glamour, grit and freedom- Berlin

Nothingness in holding pattern to for everything-ness. – Make like the phoenix from a fire. Every person’s lifetime holds a disaster or few to leave us fractured and raw. Nature is purging our misconceptions & mis-interpreted belief systems. It happens to families, communities, cities & nations. Berlin & its Berliners remember by living with un-apologizing Continue Reading »

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Tying the thread.

Brother & sister of another mother included us in a coming of age ceremony for little Hamir.
The invitation that explains this beautiful tradition courtesy of big Daddy:
– as it is called in marathi – or ‘thread ceremony’ is done when a brahmin boy is about to step into the second of the 4 stages of life set
by the ancient ‘vedas’ (holy books on social and community living).
the second stage is that of a student.
is a ceremony that marks his farewell from his family as he goes to the ashram of his guru to serve & learn from him.
between age 7 & 8 is the time when it is done.
though in modern times it is done according to convenience but…
….surely before marriage….BMBYDCK