Homecoming trip- Korea

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A multi-cultural relationship is awakening, sometimes we catch ourselves staring at each other & think – Like inward reflection of self. We’re from two distinctly unique cultures which is an attraction that draws us closer & repels us apart.
Differences remind us not to take stuff or us – for granted. Wakening to fearlessness – Fear is the bravest of all things to face yet often the last to address.
If being fearless is most desired find fear & follow it’s road with a big fat smile and an open heart.

Life’s growing pains at source are the same feelings we learned to fear as children.
We collect from childhood and carry burdening fears manipulated by our naivety and mangled cultural bias’. We are born and raised through these formative years carrying those things we are running from into adulthood.
Fear is fear, it’s the name of a feeling not restricted to color or creed, surely not England & Korea.
We try to understand feeling fear to unlock the essence of being.
BEing can alone be terrifying – it means to STOP running .
Learn from mislabeled fears. Understand with patience & we learn to trust feelings as we do our subconscious.
Hearing what they say.

#BE– Learning the language of feelings is being more at home inside ourselves.

Some of the highlights of our homecoming trip: Craig would meet his new (instant) family & Min learns about fearlessness.

– The country is still broken in two parts – Hope we live to see the day of awakening between North & South.






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