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“I remember my stepfather would beat me with extension cords and hangers, pieces of wood and all kinds of stuff. He would tell me:

“It hurts me more than you”

“I only did it, because I love you”

It communicated the wrong message to me about what love was. So, for many years, I thought that love was supposed to hurt. I hurt everyone that I loved. And I measured love by how much pain someone would take from me. And it wasn’t until I came to prison, in an environment that is devoid of love, that I began to have some understanding about what it actually was and was not.

I met someone. She gave me my first real insight into what love was.

Because she saw past my condition and fact that I was in prison with a life sentence for doing the worst kind of murder that a man can do: murdering a woman and a child.

It was Agnes…the mother and grandmother of…Patricia and Chris, that I

murdered, who gave me my best lesson about love. By all rights, she should hate me. But she didn’t. Over the course of time, through the journey that we took, it has been pretty amazing. She gave me love.

She taught me what it was.”                                                   — From “Human” part 1.













This was one of many human stories captured by filmmaker and artist Yann Arthus-Bertrand. More than 2000 interviews throughout 60 countries of all peoples sharing their lives and feelings as humans like a fabric of people, beautiful stories about living in the worlds diverse places.

My husband and I came from opposite places, we are very grateful to see ourselves from outside of where we came from. We merged our values and appreciate different perspectives we have learned to accept new cultures… and the process shows us the importance of “understanding in order to be understood”.

We all grew up in very different environments and as a result the way we see, how we feel, think and perceive is very unique, I try to remember this simple truth and let it guide me so I don’t rush to judgement conclusions and always keep an open heart and mind. An unforgettable lesson in humanity with pinches of reality to show us how

fortunate we are – to be where we are in this world.

Lesson learned- being human requires courage


We watched from here for free of charge. – Ko

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