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On our way to see the oldest of trees in a place called Sequoia.

See #wherewelook  a compilation of moment along a journey where we connected with space and time was found in us.

Complete with our surroundings on our way from A to B…
Voltari by @Sigur Rós, made this ethereal song called – Valtari –

Music is alway part of the journey.

Happy travels.

music– Sigur Rós, Valtari

appletree-2014Broken branches from Apple tree and Bamboo taken from our back yard and used to decorate our home. We didn’t expect their beauty to survive long indoors, and why throw them away while fresh so we put a few drops of plant food into some cool glass vessels. Months passed and they began take root and eventually bloom new life in our home.

Placed on the dining table, light streaming through their beautiful silhouettes which creates a dawn to dusky center piece in the room that is #wherewelook every time we pass by.

Thank you broken branches and bamboo stubble for rewarding our efforts by growing, and being beautiful.

The creeping pace of nature always comes in quiet least expecting instances that we don’t see unless we put things in our routines prompting us to be to be quiet, listen and BE.


04-05-2014Enjoy it while it lasts… Only this shadow at this moment of its growth in a participate elevation of sunshine at this day in time will ever ever be this perfect…


2014-09Time pieces. Built with just enough permanence to get the message across and do the job. Listen inside and you will see and let ourself look #wherewelook.


KitchenThis is little piece of our California. We rented an old house with big backyard for our Nigel & Norma. The windows are small and the home is either really dark or in starkly lighted contrast thanks to a huge sunshine coming say hello every day….the little things that we will miss dearly when it’s taken away one day when we have to go back to face a life we left behind in Brooklyn.

I feel sad losing these moments forever as they are logged and stored in my nodes and #wherewe look – I’m sorry for the moments I’m not noticing – the new ones happening at the other side, behind, below and above of me…