Bump Across America

Some of these photographs were taken in extreme cold. The pain of the cold was the price of the image, just like parenting our child is the price of our bliss


In December 2015 we drove 3000 miles across America. We were 28 weeks pregnant and needed to get to our home in Brooklyn with enough time to settle and make preparations for delivery. Driving through each state by field and forest, crisscrossed rivers, lakes, mountainous and urban terrain our minds meandered from directions of the past to hidden beginnings and future horizons.

In our weakest moments we wished everything would stay the same just keep on this road to everywhere. That would be awesome.

The experience prepared us mentally and gave time to breathe while saying goodbye to LA and hello family life.

The feelings of vulnerability were/are amplified by the responsibility of safely carrying our precious cargo and on until she’s ready to carry herself.

Each mile closer to our destination brought us a mile closer to challenges ahead. We began to realize that the destination was actually a new leg in an endless journey of new beginnings. Scout Hana aka THE BUMP is 15 months at the time of posting this.


She’s a bright guiding light. Our little angel. Our purpose. Our helium balloon.

Watching her life grow is such an honor, the moments feel precious. Things are changing so rapidly we’re tugged by an urgency to come back to the present with her. It’s not easy blocking out the noise but Scout has this way of showing us that nothing else matters apart from this bliss.

Right here and now.







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