First family christmas

Untitled-2 Untitled-2 Untitled-2A curiation of words on cards, fancy tote bags, sprinklings of glitter snow flakes, festive apparel and adornments for body and tree continue a family tradition of seasonal giving. Mum’s an expert at hiding hard currency in unsuspecting places with scribbles on paper scraps prompting that we buy treats and experiences that pamper. Brightly color schemed outfits ensure smiles, ughs, and awes throughout every moment which help synchronize our timezones.

For me, it’s a time of family coming together, bantering, letting go, making up, sharing, eating / drinking too much, exchanging presents we hope will be cherished but always appreciated. There was a time in my travels when I wished my family would save their money and treat themselves. I left home 23 years ago and there hasn’t been a day when I haven’t missed family. Time is teaching to embrace where I came from and love of family brings focus to the here and now. It’s so easy to be pulled back into the hustle of the day; days accumulate to weeks which become years. This package and those throughout the past 23 years have nourished me with love and a will to be better for myself and family. I find it unusual that Min never celebrated christmas with family, her tradition has its own ways and their teachings. We are from the same world yet our worlds are sometimes juxtaposed and/or in harmony. I think she’s learning about my visceral ties to this magnificent festival and its role in my family. Religions a side, tis a season to be merry and for love to seep throughout everything we do. Grateful to be in a relationship where I can learn to accept new belief systems and different social practices of humans being. To this point being a Yorkshireman married to a Korean is showing me that our differences must be interpreted as our uniqueness this way our child (Scout Hana) will inherit the best of all we know and show us all we’ve been missing. -Smith



영국 시엄마가 보내신 크리스마스 팩케지 , 이것저것 크리스마스 트리에 장식할 것들이랑 하나 선물들 , 거위고기 사먹으라며 보내신 돈 봉투 … 내게 크리스마스는 티비에서 하는 만화들 땜에 설레였었던 것 빼고 기억나는 게 없다.한번도 선물을 받아보지도, 산타가 있다는 것을 믿어보지도 않고 살았었던 내 어린시절을 너무 다르게 살아온 내남편과 시댁은 이해하지 못한다. 명절때 기억이라곤 아빠가 힘들었던 과거를 파헤치며 친척들하고 싸웠던 거, 고모들은 엄마없이 자라서 불쌍하다며 날 붙들고 울기만 했던 거, 그저 제사음식먹는 것에 작은 기쁨을 누렸었던 거… 그렇지만 이제 내 기억에 없는 크리스마스도 기다릴 것이고, 추석도 새해의 기억도 다시 만들 거다. — 아기를 낳으면서 한번 더 어린시절을 살 기회가 왔다. – Ko




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