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Streetwise : documentary of the life and lives of teenagers living on the street of Seattle.

  While watching this, I felt my heartbeats go hard… I felt some deep sad feelings, the emptiness, the hole in the heart, yet not understanding. As I was once a “run away” teenager before, this documentary brought me back so much memory about my past that’s hard to remember now. Most of my childhood, teenage Continue Reading »

Fishing for gratitude

During the days where my life lacked identity: “fishing guided me away from temptation t’ward Mothers Nature & her teachings”.
Fishing leads me to the gateway of my soul, these moments – the purest in my life.
Being ready – it’s very different from luck, it happens when controlling is in submission to the essence of being…
….fish on…


flower1 1100We found a set drawers in a dumpster and here’s one we made into a cactus garden. We used waterproof roofing paper and heavy duty plastic sheet to line the drawer – you could build on top of what’s there in terms of finish (we sanded – primed – and stapled some old potato sack and primed that as a white texture for the brush & ink.)

We found a soil that is cacti friendly and used some pebbles and oyster shells Mum picked from Morro bay beach. Note to self – remember to put some broken old clay pot pieces in for drainage (esp. if you plan to leave it out in the sun & rain) Cacti don’t like too much water. We water them once or twice a week and we gave a little organic feed and let nature do her thing. We bought the cacti at HomeDepot 5 months earlier and the poor things were giving us guilt trips when we looked to the garden and saw then fighting to survive – it made us happy to see them moved into a new Sm+Ko custom home – and we are learning to talk cactus. The large white flowers are spectacular to experience – looking like asparagus spears sprouting out from the side of a cactus – when we wake to these in full bloom – it’s perfect – so perfect that when we return from a day of work they have already closed and died…the last picture is what happens after a day of beautiful life, the whole thing (include “Asparagus-spears”)  dries out and eventually drops.

One of most inspiring life we recently experience.


FullSizeRender (13)

On our way to see the oldest of trees in a place called Sequoia.

See #wherewelook  a compilation of moment along a journey where we connected with space and time was found in us.

Complete with our surroundings on our way from A to B…
Voltari by @Sigur Rós, made this ethereal song called – Valtari –

Music is alway part of the journey.

Happy travels.

music– Sigur Rós, Valtari