KitchenThis is little piece of our California. We rented an old house with big backyard for our Nigel & Norma. The windows are small and the home is either really dark or in starkly lighted contrast thanks to a huge sunshine coming say hello every day….the little things that we will miss dearly when it’s taken away one day when we have to go back to face a life we left behind in Brooklyn.

I feel sad losing these moments forever as they are logged and stored in my nodes and #wherewe look – I’m sorry for the moments I’m not noticing – the new ones happening at the other side, behind, below and above of me…


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I find these moments very intriguing and original. Makes me think more about how some of the most random things go together.

So here is: Dried herbs, wooden panels, vintage bells and masking tapes.

Glamour, grit and freedom- Berlin

Nothingness in holding pattern to for everything-ness. – Make like the phoenix from a fire. Every person’s lifetime holds a disaster or few to leave us fractured and raw. Nature is purging our misconceptions & mis-interpreted belief systems. It happens to families, communities, cities & nations. Berlin & its Berliners remember by living with un-apologizing Continue Reading »

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Tying the thread.

Brother & sister of another mother included us in a coming of age ceremony for little Hamir.
The invitation that explains this beautiful tradition courtesy of big Daddy:
– as it is called in marathi – or ‘thread ceremony’ is done when a brahmin boy is about to step into the second of the 4 stages of life set
by the ancient ‘vedas’ (holy books on social and community living).
the second stage is that of a student.
is a ceremony that marks his farewell from his family as he goes to the ashram of his guru to serve & learn from him.
between age 7 & 8 is the time when it is done.
though in modern times it is done according to convenience but…
….surely before marriage….BMBYDCK